How to close up a container

How to close and secure a shipping container fitted with a lock-box.

When you take possession of your Norwich Self Storage facility a member of staff will give you a quick demo. We’ve tried to cover those steps in this quick guide. 

Simple steps to closing up a storage container.

  1. start by closing the left hand door (facing inwards). Hold both bars with the handle at 90 degrees to the door. Push the door inwards until both of the small lugs (located top an bottom of the bar) engage.
  1. Rotate the bars anti-clockwise, that is from left to right. You may need to put a little more force on the left bar first to bring the door in a tighter.
  1. When the left is closed, you guessed it, it’s time to close the right door. This works just the same, apart from this time the bars are rotated from right to left.
  1. With both doors closed you can place a lock on any of these bars for extra security, however with a lock box this is not essential.
  1. A lock box, or ‘cowl’, sits across the two doors and allows a padlock to be located within and protected from unauthorised attack.
  1. Combination padlocks work great if you plan to share access for example with a few business colleagues. A shutter lock, where the pin drops from the lock usually is the easiest to operate and offers the highest level of security.

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