Shipping Container Condensation – Simple Steps to Prevent

Keeping your goods dry year-round when stored inside a shipping container is easy if you follow these simple steps when you pack up and load your space.

Storing your valuables inside a shipping container can give you quicker and cheaper access when compared to traditional indoor storage facilities, so it’s worth the extra preparation.

The one question we get asked more often is what about damp? OK, to answer this there are 2 issues, first of all lets look at dampness or moisture in the air. If you shut the door on a really damp day or you store a piece of damp garden furniture that moisture has to go somewhere, that’s where the roof vents help return the level to normal.

So above all good ventilation is vital. Don’t block the vents located near the roofline of your container.

It’s also a good idea to leave some damp traps or other moisture absorbing crystals in there to absorb any moisture, and replace these periodically.

Any fabrics such as sofas or bed mattresses should be covered in plastic, these can be obtained locally or online for a small cost. They also make great covers when you are next decorating.

If you are storing clothes, we find the ‘Really Useful’ range of boxes to be exceptional for airtightness and durability.

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