Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Notice (updated 27.3.20): Self Storage Hire Ltd facility remains open in line with the advice of the UK Government.

The Government have stated that storage and distribution facilities & Ecommerce can remain open. Our customers include some that are part of the supply chain for the NHS and supermarkets. We also have customers who require access to their supplies in order to provide emergency repairs to businesses and homes.

Most visitors to the site will not encounter another member of the public due to our size, and if they do, the site is in the open air and should be easy to maintain social distancing at over 6 meters, and therefore low risk.

During this time we will manage all aspects of the business remotely by email and phone. Procedures are now in place including hand sanitiser at the gate entry keypad.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments we care very much for our customers and want to make sure you can access your goods when safe to do so.

Self Storage Hire Ltd