Discount Code for Free Tesla Supercharging Miles

Tesla Discount Code

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to replace your diesel or petrol vehicle and are considering ordering a new Tesla? We’re guessing that 1,000 free supercharger miles would be a welcome bonus right? We’re happy to share with you our Tesla discount code which qualifies you for 1,000 free Supercharging miles when you order a new Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X or Tesla Model S.

You might have noticed that Tesla relies heavily on word of-mouth-referrals, bloggers and motoring journalists to help promote the brand. They also send every new Tesla owner a referral code which they can use to earn free miles. The price and terms are exactly the same but both parties benefit from 1000 free miles

You can use this referral link to order your Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, or Tesla Model X.

To benefit from this fantastic free Supercharging offer; be sure to use our Tesla referral code link and place your order online. Once you order your car it’s too late to use a referral code.

Thinking of leasing?

You can also use this discount code for free supercharger miles if you lease your new Tesla Model 3, S or X with an independent leasing company. Just make sure you get your sales contact to add referral code “steven67521” when they process your lease order.

We recommend Lease Plan who have great deals on new Tesla models and will be happy to apply our referral code to your order. Visit:

Buying from a Tesla Store

If you plan to visit and order from a Tesla store, just quote referral code “steven67521” to your representative.

On the happy day when you take delivery of your new Tesla, your 1,000 free supercharger miles will be applied and ready to be used in your Tesla app.

Don’t Forget: make sure you enter the code at the time of ordering; Tesla don’t allow you to add the referral once an order has been placed.

How to use Tesla Supercharging.

Supercharging is the quickest way to top up your Tesla battery when you are on the move. Located conveniently around the the planet at Restaurants, Hotels, Service Stations and Municipal locations. Your car can be recharged at a rate of 1,000 miles of range per hour

Where can I plug in?

You hook up to any one of Tesla’s network of superchargers – conveniently located throughout the UK most of Europe – you should be recharged and ready to go again in about 20 minutes. You can leave your car to get refreshments, or stretch your legs and your App will let you know when you car is sufficiently charged. No more queueing at the gas pumps or till!

How calculate when to stop?

The longer you stop the more charge your battery we receive and further your range is extended. The built in Sat-Nav will calculate what stops are required and how long each stop should be to get you to you destination.

What does Tesla Supercharging cost in the UK?

Tesla Supercharging fees in the UK are currently £0.24/kWh (correct as at Dec 2020).

Here at Self Storage Hire we source all of our electricity from renewable suppliers. Currently we use SO Energy for our mains power and an onsite solar and battery storage to power the internal lighting on many of our storage units.

Need help?

There’s no question we are very fond of Tesla’s and if you’ve got any questions about the Model 3, we’d be delighted to share our experiences with you. You can email at

If you have a precious car like a Tesla you want to store please ask us about our Prestige Car Storage.

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