Outdoor storage – the basics

The UK has surplus of new containers from China that are repurposed for outdoor storage. They are wind, water and rodent proof and designed to be transported, uncovered across the oceans.

New container make great storage units and are suitable for household goods like furniture and clothes, business storage and machinery. We recommend you follow some basic rules on storage, such as wrapping fabrics in airtight plastic covers, bags or boxes. You can also put smaller items into plastic boxes. This also makes it easier to store and access your goods once inside.

The roofs are made of heavy gauge Corten steel that you can walk on top of (and jump up and down with a few friends if you want to) so leaks are not likely. We regularly check our containers and maintain them before problems occur.

Still not sure? No problem, come along and we will be more than happy to go over a container and how it is constructed to make it perfect for storage.