Self Storage Prices

Self Storage prices include VAT and are billed one month in advance. 

There’s no need to pay a deposit but you will need to buy an approved container-lock from us to secure your unit. This lock fits nice and snug on your spec container lock-box so it will be secure and covered form the elements. You get to keep this lock when you move out. Browse our container padlocks and accessories here

These are the 3 main sizes we currently offer. The price will vary depending on the specification of the unit, so we will quote you based on current stocks. As a guide see below the average price of a base specification unit in each size. 

All units have good ventilation and some type of condensation protection. Please see your quote for more info on a specific unit. 

Small (Shed) Sized Store
50 sq.ft.  Lockup
fr. £100 p.c.m. inc VAT

Useable inside space:
7’4″ (Width)  x  8′ (Depth)  x 7′ 4″ (Height)
2.08m (Width)  x  2.28m (Depth)  x 2.06m (Height)

The Small unit is about the size of a garden shed and will store the contents of an average 1 bedroom flat including a 2 seater sofa, double bed and wardrobe. These units are perfect when you just need a little space. Both doors open up and there is a lock cover to place your padlock underneath for security and protection from the elements. These containers have been professionally adapted for storage which includes venting and condensation prevention.

8 foot container store
Small ‘Shed-Sized’ Storage Unit

Medium (1-2 Bed House) Store
69 sq.ft Lockup.
fr. £110 p.c.m. inc VAT

Useable inside space:
9′ (Width)  x  7’8″ (Depth)  x 7’9″ (Height)
2.33m (Width)  x  2.33m (Depth)  x 2.36m (Height)

This will store the contents of an 1-2 bedroom house or flat including a 3 seater sofa, arm chair, large fridge, bed and wardrobe.  A popular size representing about 1/2 that of a Large store. Supplied with a high-security Lock Cover to shroud your padlock underneath. These containers are vented and protected against condensation to ensure your goods are kept safe, secure and protected from the elements.

medium 10' storage unit
Medium ‘1-2 Bed House Sized’ Storage Unit

Large (3-4 Bed) House Store
147 sq.ft Lockup
fr. £140 p.c.m. inc VAT

Useable inside space:
7’8″ (Width)  x  19’3″ (Depth)  x 7’9″ (Height)
2.33m (Width)  x  5.86m (Depth)  x 2.36m (Height)

This is our most popular and best value unit per sq.ft. This will store the contents of an average 3-4 bedroom house. You can easily store a 3 seater, a 2 seater, arm chair, fridge, bed wardrobe, cycles and boxes. It’s about the size of a single garage. It will take the contents of a ‘Luton’ van plus half again, or approximately 4 transit van loads.

This are our most popular size, costing us the least per square foot to manufacture, and therefore we pass on the saving in the price you pay.  These units have full opening doors, solid plywood floor, condensation guard and full high-level venting to ensure your goods are protected from the elements. Your belongings are secured with a 6mm solid steel Lock Protector that completely obscures the padlock from view. You can also put additional padlocks on the handles. 

large 20' container
Large ‘2-3 Bed House Sized’ Storage Unit

New Sizes and specifications coming soon so we may be able to quote you on other sizes and types than the above. Please get in touch if you need something not listed above.

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We want to offer fair pricing on all bookings so will always try our best to improve on a like-for-like quote from a competitor on a like-for-like service. So if you are unsure or have more questions please get in touch with our team.

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