Shipping Container Condensation

inside a shipping container

In a modern shipping container, as long as you follow a few simple rules, condensation should not be a problem.

The 20′ x 8′ containers we use have been shipped once from China, full of goods destined for the UK market. Since the UK imports more than we export, there is a surplus of containers and these are purchased mostly by the self storage industry since they are well suited for this purpose.

What to consider when assessing the risk of condensation.

1. Most importantly, what do you plan to store inside? If it’s building or garden tools, timber or anything that may be holding moisture like an washing machine, you will need some type of dehumidifier. We recommend using multi silca type ‘Damp Traps’ placed around the unit. Once the moisture levels subside naturally through the vents or by opening the doors on a dry day the container contents will become stable and you shouldn’t need to worry about the humidity again.

2. If you will be storing items that may hold moisture you should also aim to open the container doors frequently, even better, open up the doors on a dry day.

3. Storing dry household goods? There’s not too much more to think about in terms of condensation. The unit will be dry and well vented and you should be able to leave your goods for a few years without issue. That said as a extra precaution we recommend you cover any absorbent materials such as fabric sofa or mattress in plastic.

Need advice on how best to protect your contents?

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